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NGL: Ku jis miri - countries

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Saturday, December 12, 1998, 19:50
I've been looking in Stephen database.  (A sugestion: Ogden set words sho=
uld be

There are names for countries in America, some West European, two African=
, two
Asian and two names for New Zealand.  Some capital cities (Latin American=
) and
all Canadian provinces.

In the discution Alan Grieve sugested {Australia}, but was changed by Ste=
and Jack to {Astar=E0lia'}.  I wouln't know if {Astar=E0lia'} should come=
 in as
proposed or accepted.  {Erin}was also in the discition but is not in the

Any how I would sugest some other countries:

Already accepted:
  Angelset - England (derived)
  Doixeset - Germany (derived)
  Esk=F2tset - Scothland (derived)
  Esp=E0nia' - Spain
  Fur=E0nsa - France
  It=E0lia' - Italy
  Setregfao' Olfei' =C0 Bur=EDtaninoto Et Erin Nor - United Kingdom of Gr=
eat Britain
and Northern Ireland

Discuted but not in database:
  Erin - Ireland
  Suomi - Finland

Proposed by me now

Country:    Su=E8dset (Sweden)
Capital:    Sit=F2kholme
Citizen:    Su=E8dsetor
Adjective:  Su=E8dseti
Ethnic Ind: Su=E8d
Ethnic Grp: q Su=E8des
Ethnic Adj: Su=E8di
Language:   Su=E8dtok
(I was thinking between Sverige /' the country and Svea /'sve:=
=2Ea/ the
ethnic group (Suede) which gave name tho the country)

Country:    Norge (Norway)
Capital:    Oslo
Citizen:    Norgeor
Adjective:  Norgei'
Ethnic Ind: Norge
Ethnic Grp: q Norges
Ethnic Adj: Norgei'
Language:   Norgetok (Norgetok Kai' & Bukmol)

Country:    Daneset (Denmark)
Capital:    Kobenhaven
Citizen:    Danesetor
Adjective:  daneseti
Ethnic Ind: Dane
Ethnic Grp: q Danes
Ethnic Adj: Danei'
Language:   Danetok

Country:    Belgeset (Belgium)
Capital:    Bur=F9sel
Citizen:    Belgesetor
Adjective:  Belgeeseti
Ethnic Ind: Belge
Ethnic Grp: q Belges
Ethnic Adj: Belgei'
Language:   Fur=E1nsatok, Nederlantok(?)

The same way I would propose that cities and provinces with touristic,
historical or economical importance (like country capital cities) would b=
e given
a NGL name, but in case of dubt, the name given in the native language sh=
ould be

Comments? Sugestions?

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