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"Double stressed" words

From:Roberto Suarez Soto <ask4it@...>
Date:Thursday, August 28, 2003, 15:39
        Today I "discovered" a new feature of Unahoban
( the "double stress". The
term is, I hope, not too misguided for what it tries to mean.

    The stress of the Unahoban words is always the first syllabe. So, in
_Ilhuru_, the stress would go upon the first "i": _I-lhuru_.  However,
sometimes words get quite big, as in _Etaniruse_ ("rulers", masculine
plural). This causes one of the features of Unahoban, the "double
stress": in words where the stressed syllabe is three or more syllabes
away from the last, the last syllabe is stressed. In the previous
example, _etaniruse_, the word could be thought as if divided in two:
_etani_, stressed in the first syllabe, and _ruse_, stressed in the last
one. Using tildes as explicit accent markers (as it was custom in the
late dialect of Ish'ein, that adopted a "natural stress" in the
second-to-last syllabe), this would be _étanirusé_.

        I think I've seen something alike to this in Tolkien's work
(IIRC, "Númenórean"). Anyway, does it make sense? Is this another case
of anawedism?

        Thanks in advance.

        Roberto Suarez Soto


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