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Re: One very dead computer

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Monday, March 11, 2002, 1:56
* Christophe Grandsire said on 2002-03-08 23:28:26 +0100
> It seems Boudewijn and Irina have had a big computer accident, and > they lost a lot of material. Moreover, they seem to be unable to reach > the list. So here I post for them the mail they wanted to send to the > list.
Oh, horrible fate! :,( Explains why I haven't been able to visit lately, I guess. As for backups, long-term I recommend cds. Cd-burners are dead cheap nowadays and when you have the finished disks, they are easy and cheap to *post-mail* away to some safe place like parents, sibs and friends. With dvd-burners you could backup the software too. Short-term, an old machine with a huge hard-disk in it. Dump the contents of the 'work'-machines to this now and then, and power it down and store it away afterwards (or simply remove the disk and store that).
> Christophe.
I assume you'll be passing on messages, Chr?
> _____________________________________________________________________________ > >From Fri Mar 8 14:56:00 2002 > Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 14:48:09 +0100 (CET) > From: Boudewijn Rempt <boud@...> > To: > Subject: One very dead computer > > Today the disks have been officially pronounced dead by reputable computer > repair men,
There are firms that can get data from even the most damaged disks but of course this costs money - lots of it... I take it this isn't an option?
> and we've orderd two new systems (this was the third computer > to go in three months). My old laptop is now impersonating Calcifer, our > server.
Have you checked the quality of the power in the house? Frayed cables? Maybe something wrong with the grounding. Power-spikes (there are gadgets to protect you from these at least)? Do check this, might be the house itself that goes *kaboom* next.
> This means, of course, that a lot of conlang stuff has gone, since we only > had backups of the novels we were writing, and some essential > administrative stuff, due to a non-cooperative cd-burner. Specifically:
Oops. A new burner, then. Plextors or Yamahas are gen'rly good.
> * The relay (both of them, in fact.) > * The archives of the relay list > * The conlang pages on Skerre > * The Kura database that contained new Valdyan and Denden words
But you have the software? I've got the source for 1.0 in case it's gone.
> * Megabytes, megabytes and megabytes of email.
Need the conlang-archives (1997->today), headers intact? My conculture- archives aren't complete I'm afraid.
> So, if someone had a mirror of, especially, the relay
You've checked google's cache and the wayback-machine?*/ Quite a bit in the latter...
> Boudewijn Rempt > > -- > When is the last time _you_ made a complete backup?
Just before christmas. Last one before that was in 1995... on diskettes and tapes. Need to move that to more modern media... *yerrrgh* t.