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Phonology^WOrthography of Velian

From:Jeff Rollin <jeff.rollin@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 3, 2007, 22:55
In the last episode, (On Tuesday 03 July 2007 23:23:14), Jeff Rollin wrote:
> Hi list >
If you'd be so good as to match up what follows to the phonology list. Some of the characters won't show up in kmail, so I'll name them instead; please bear with me: Stops: p, t, k, c, q, ' Aspirated stops: ph, th, kh, ch, qh Palatalised stops: py, ty, ky, cy, qy Labialised stops: pw, tw, kw, cw, qw Prenasalised stops: Initially and finally (where applicable): mp, nt, eng-k, n-acute-c, nq Medially: mb, nd, eng-g, nq, nq Pn pal. stops: mpy/mby, nty/ndy, eng-ky/eng-gy, n-acute-c/C, nqy/nq Pn lab. stops: mpw/mbw, ntw/ndw, eng-kw/eng-kw, n-acute-cw/cw, nqw/nqw Nasals: m, n, n-tilde, n-acute, eng
Pal. nasals: my, ny, eng-y Lab. nasals: mw, nw, eng-w Trill: rr Pal. trill: rry Lab. trill: rrw Tap: r Pal. tap: ry Lab. tap: rw Fricatives: s, s-caron, h Pal. fric.: sy, s-caron-y, Lab. fric.: sw, s-caron-w Pn fric.: nz, n-z-caron Pn pal. fric.: nzy, n-z-caron-y Pn. lab. fric.: nzw, n-z-caron-w Approximants: v, edh, and /j/ - j! Pal. approx.: vy Lab. approx.: edh-w Pn. approx: nv, n-edh Pn. pal. approx: nvy, n-edh-y,
> Pn. lab. approx: /n_T_j ~ n_D_j/
Er, /n_T_w ~ n_D_w/ - n-edh-w Lateral approx: l, ll Pal. lat. approx: ly Lab. lat. approx: lw Coarticulated bilabial approx: w Quite a few combinations are ambiguous - for the ones I can't get around, like "n-edh" - is that "prenasalised /D/ or a cluster?" I shall use a middle dot for the cluster, a la catalana: n-edh "prenasalised /D/", n-middle-dot-edh "cluster". Jeff -- "Please understand that there are small European principalities devoted to debating Tcl vs. Perl as a tourist attraction." -- Cameron Laird