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Re: Schwa sound?

From:Muke Tever <mktvr@...>
Date:Thursday, November 28, 2002, 3:09
From: "Nokta Kanto" <red5_2@...>
> Well I know there's supposed to be a schwa /@/ sound, but at least in my > dialect of english I can't distinguish this as a separate sound. The schwa > seems to always be one of the following: > > a /V/ sound (about, pencil) > merged with r as a /3/ sound (winner) > elided (button /bVtn=/) > > How do you consider the schwa as a separate sound?
In (general) English [@] is an allophone of /V/ appearing in unstressed syllables. On a phonetic level, [V] is just unrounded [O]. [@] is not a back vowel. *Muke! --