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Re: Big 6, Moser's Acadon, _e mi Caos Pidgin_ [was Re: Bigbabytalk -a primitive language for AI

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Sunday, September 10, 2000, 18:09
--- Jonathan Chang <Zhang2323@...> wrote:

> Aw ... I'd like to see what you did do in Big 6, just outta > curiosity. > & I am not fond of IALs like I was when I was into Glosa (about 3-5 > yrs ago). > After reading more on languages, I realized how idealistically unreal > the > whole idea becomes. Unfortunately, it seems like the use of English & > mutations thereof will become become more & more common (I blame the > spread > of the English virus mainly on the current "prestige," socio-economic > power & > Pop Culture mass media ...)
Ya know, after reading the pages on Asian-English pidgins, even tha page on "baby talk" of whatever, I just might resurrect Big Six, but I gotta start over with the language. Big Six is to be a "global pidgin" based on the top six languages of the world: Mandarin Chinese, English, Hindi, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. (English pronunciation is usually reverted to pronunciation before the Great Vowel Shift, and Hindi is buffeted by Urdu additions.) If this experiment is successful, a Big Twelve project may ensue. Knock on East Texas pine and/or oak wood...
> >Leo Moser, a member of AUXLANG (at least when I was there), has a > >database of words from the major languages. I forgot what it's > called, > >"World Vocabulary" or something? Or am I thinking of Bislama? > > > Acadon, I believe.
I think that's a different person, but you may be right. I'll look into it. About Caos Pidgin -- cool ideas there. Of course I know next to nothing about Taoism or Italian futurism, and shame on me for it. Obviously, my "chaotic pidgin" Big Six is a good bit different, as it could care less about religion (the word _Alah_ is God regardless of your religion, deal with it :Þ) nor political theory. B-6 is based on majority words strictly then plurality words liberally. I am trying to use a grammar based on Chinese first and foremost, then English and the rest of the languages, with an isolating grammar (that is, every word in Big Six can stand on its own and carry its own meaning; there are no bound morphemes, affixes nor inflections). Plurals, for example, is formed by postpositing the word _men_ "many", which is taken from both Mandarin and English. The plural marker however would be unnecessary when another limiting adjective is used, such as a number. But I really need to familiarize myself with Chinese grammar (yes Virginia, there is such a thing as grammar in Chinese :Þ) and syntax. For what it's worth, the B-6 word for "manure, dung" happens to be _xit_ (x = [S]), from Chinese _shi_ (what's the tone Kenneth?) and English "shit". Pardon my french, folks. I might choose a friendlier alternative word... DaW. __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Mail - Free email you can access from anywhere!