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Re: CHAT: opposite of "verneinen"

Date:Friday, May 14, 2004, 16:13
Mark P. Line scripsit:

> I assume that John was executing a pun that turns on the old meaning of > geek (der Streber, somebody who affirms anybody in authority) and the new > meaning of geek (der Geek, somebody who dreams in Unicode). It was funny > because we all know that John is ein Geek but not ein Streber.
I only wish I had been anywhere near that clever. No, I simply didn't want to call myself a Geist, and Geek is what came to mind. I didn't even know then whether it was an extant borrowing, or one I was making ad hoc. I would also add that "geek" in its pre-computer sense meant one who had adult-like intellectual interests and did well in school, but was *not* necessarily obsequious to those in authority. I wasn't, particularly, though I certainly wasn't a juvenile delinquent (to use the phrase of those days) either; I simply went my own way and paid no attention to anyone else. -- Samuel Johnson on playing the violin: John Cowan "Difficult do you call it, Sir? I wish it were impossible."