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Re: Dictionary formats

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 3, 2002, 2:14
Douglas Koller wrote:
 For a straightforward concept like "bed" (furniture) or "street", I usually
just create indigenous Géarthnuns words. When I think it's going to yaw into
weird semantic territory, I take an inventory of the many dictionaries I have
at my disposal at home. After checking in with the Eurolangs, I especially like
to check out the non-Eurolangs (Chinese and Japanese, in particular, of which I
can at least hum a few bars) (and Hungarian is a nice foot-in-both-worlds kind
of lang) to see if they have a different approach. Sometimes, everybody seems
to be using the same expression or having a similar idea, and I try to calque
using native Géarthnuns elements. Then I let semantic drift kick in if it
 And sometimes, I create distinctions which I am not aware exist in any of the
languages I'm familiar with (like the "save (money)" by accumulating vs. by
getting a good deal distinction in my previous post). I find the less I worry
about relexing, the less it is likely to occur
 Right. All very good advice. I especially liked the two "save money"
concepts-- one of those things that doesn't occur to one until it's pointed
out. Kash _raput_ would definitely not be appropriate in the "good
deal/economizing" sense.