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A form of poetry - "octricle"

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 30, 2002, 8:47
I have decided to give a name to a form of poetry that I invented some
time ago. It's a serious form appropriate for meditative contemplations
of nature, very much like haiku in that respect.

The name I have chosen is "Octricle". 'Oct' because it has eight lines,
'tri' because it can be divided into three parts headed by lines 1, 3
and 7, and 'cle' to invoke a sense of nature and serenity through
resonance with words such as "icicle" and "trickle".

What do you think? Good word? Can you write one using your conlang
(or otherwise, for that matter)?

The rules are:

  - 8 lines.
  - Lines 1, 4 and 7 end with the same word.
  - Line 1 is shorter than line 4, which is shorter than line 7.
  - Lines 2 and 3 begin with the same word.
  - Lines 4 and 5 begin with the same word.
  - Certain lines tend to be longer than others; see examples.
  - It should be recited slowly and meditatively, with a long pause
    between each line. For this reason, each line should have a
    certain independence.
  - It should invoke some kind of anticipation, procession, or
    gradual revelation.


(1) This from my website:

Extreme distance.
Your destiny unknown to human eyes.
Your journey chosen by a silent box.
Decreasing distance.
Decreasing speed prolongs the expectation.
A tiny glow comes forth to claim the screen.
And then there is no distance.
You stand on a new world.

Warmth surrounds you.
A most endurable condition.
A yellow sun shining through gentle air.
Water to sustain you.
Water from a clear river
Lined with plants that offer hope for hunger.
Life has discovered you.
Its welcome, the greatest hope of all.

(2) This also from my website:

Observe this place.
A mountain in the forest.
A civilisation unknown to the world.
Discover this place.
Discover the center of its beauty.
The power that is hidden in its depths.
In time, I shall explore this place.
I await a wondrous discovery.

(3) This I just bashed together the other day:

I read poetry.
Watching words on the page.
Watching the homes they erect in me.
I enjoy poetry.
I enjoy the images, and the way
The best ones speak precisely as they should.
Sometimes, I write poetry.
At least, of a kind.



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