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Re: A form of poetry - "octricle"

From:Tim May <butsuri@...>
Date:Monday, November 4, 2002, 20:40
Adrian Morgan writes:
 > J Y S Czhang wrote, quoting myself:
 > > >The only Asian poetry I'm familiar with is haiku (I've written a few),
 > > >and here I agree that it's similar in the sense of being conductive to
 > > >meditative verse about simple, isolated events [...] and also in the
 > > >sense of not utilising rhyme or metre yet still having a structure
 > > >into which the poet must mould the thought (by contrast, European
 > > >poetry tends to *either* emphasise rhyme and metre, as in traditional
 > > >verse, *or* have very little structure at all, as in free verse - what
 > > >we're talking about here is structure but a different kind).
 > >
 > > All AFAIK true.
 > >
 > > >It's nice to have someone of Asian background confirm that there's a
 > > >connection with Asian poetry (I had, in fact, sort of wondered what
 > > >the great Japanese poets like Basho would have made of it)
 > >
 > > Probably be intrigued by it's creative possibilities... afterall Basho
 > > wasn't exactly a conservative stick-in-the-mud type ;)
 > No, indeed. :-)
 > Anyone who names himself after a species of banana (I think) is my
 > kind of guy :-)

Yes, after the tree in his garden, I think.  Tell me, have you read
anything by the present-day Japanese novelist Yoshimoto Banana*?  I
hadn't, until now, considered the possibility of a link to Basho.

* That's Japanese order, as opposed to the western order on the book I