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Saying "Thank you."

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Monday, August 20, 2001, 1:59
Hello fellow language cobblers.

I want to send an email expressing thanks
to Brenda Tremblay at WXXI for setting up
that NPR interview with me, and I'd like your
permission to forward her some of the most
interesting remarks you posted.  Would
that be okay?  Also, I'd like to ask you if you
would volunteer your words for "thank you" in
your languages, so she can get a taste of it.
Even if you didn't hear the interview, or like it, 
it would be great if I could treat her to the look 
and sounds of your languages--I'm also curious!  
How do you say "thank you" in your conlangs?  
How do you analyze it grammatically, and how 
do you pronounce it?

In Teonaht it is either Yry firrimby, or Firrimby ry.
Yry suggests that you are overcome with gratitude,
firrimby ry is more restrained.

Firrimby means "grateful."  Yry is the non-volitional
emphasized pronoun.  Ry is simply "I," in your
basic OV zero-copula Teonaht declarative.

Sally Caves


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