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Re: orthography and pronunciation

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Thursday, April 12, 2001, 17:05
Barry Garcia wrote:
> >CONLANG@LISTSERV.BROWN.EDU writes: > >> > years. To quote the Swedish physist-novelist Peter Nilson, "in > >> 2100 they'll wonder why people ceased to write books in 1870". > > > >What? So ... they just crumble? Disintegrate? Become dust? > >We have a bible printed in 1849 that while the pages are a bit yellowed >along the edges, the centers of the papers are still fairly white. In >fact, the paper is still very supple, and it's held up to us looking >through it from time to time (the cover is in bad shape though. Was my >mom's family bible).
If it's from 1849, it's probably to old to be made of acidic paper. Andreas _________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at


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