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Re: orthography and pronunciation

From:Pavel A. da Mek <pavel.adamek@...>
Date:Thursday, April 12, 2001, 9:01
David Peterson wrote:

>> Pronounce everything exactly as is written. > >It'd sure be awful ugly and awkward, though. Just consider the word
"people". As was here already said in many languages: "Proti gustu z`a'dny' dis`puta't." (Against taste no dispute). ------------------------------ Nik Taylor wrote:
>Or "doubt", "debt", "knight"
I expect voice assimilation: [dOwpt@], [dEpt@], [knIxt@]
>But that would be a fun, tho implausible, conlang ... English is >rediscovered after many ages, and is pronounced as spelt, >with c = /ts/, j = /dZ/, q = /q/, x = /x/, y = /y/, ' = /?/,
I pronounce it [ts], [j], [kw], [ks], [1].
>and epenthetic schwas added as needed.
and glottal stops added as needed: foot, feet [fO?Ot], [fE?Et] But the change [fO?Ot] > [fo:t] > [fU:t], [fE?Et] > [fe:t] > [fI:t] can be accepted. The main thing is to retain regularity. ------------------------------ andrew wrote:
> >Vasiliy Chernov yscrifef: > >> A lot of controversy about {gh} in _thought_. The most popular view being >> that it's a uvular approximant. >> >Not to mention the word shows an aspirated/non-aspirated contrast in >the pronunciations of [t].
An other theory will claim that "h" marks postalveolarity: sh [S], gh [dZ], th [tS], thought [tSowdZ-t@] Pavel