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Re: Questions about Schwa and Stress

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Sunday, October 14, 2001, 10:03
From: "David Peterson" <DigitalScream@...>
> In a message dated 10/14/01 1:47:27 AM, jeffsjones@EARTHLINK.NET writes: > > << >[en"tonsehmi"entrahkeJ\oma"taBael"poJ\oenla"kasa
> > mema"to] >> > > Couple of questions: (a) why does everyone keep changing the [s]'s to > [h]'s? This is something I've never heard from any of my relatives,
Final /s/ to [h] is a rather common change. Most of my family has it (not sure about my dad, haven't heard him speak it in ages). (And I'm almost sure the [h] drops sometimes entirely, but I don't get enough exposure to tell.)
>(b) did > you really mean [N]--that is, velar nasal--in "con"?,
Likely so. (Actually now that I think of it that's more natural than [kon una]... I was wondering why mine sounded funny.)
>and (c) what is [J\]?
Technically it's a palatal stop, according to the X-Sampa file. It wouldn't be too unusual to hear, I wouldn't think... *Muke!