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Re: Questions about Schwa and Stress

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Saturday, October 13, 2001, 19:42
In a message dated 10/13/01 5:16:52 AM, alrivera@ALUMNI.SOUTHERN.EDU writes:

<< I think I'd have something like:

[EntOnsEh mjEntrEskjomAtABAlpoj\ojnlAkAsA unAmuhE4 kOnunAkUcCij\A mEmAtO] >>

    Wow!  We certainly have different accents...  Mine would come out
soemthing like...

[Entontses mijEntREs ke dZo mAtAbAEl pOjoEn lA kAsA unA muxER konunA kutSijA
me mAto]

    Any place where two vowels appear together, they're a kind of prolonged
diphthong, like in Hawaiian.  Also, [R] is a tap.  I've never heard "que" +
anything reduced to [k]...

<<(I'm still not exactly sure about the difference between [o] and [O] yet so

I'm not sure my transcription of them is accurate.)>>

    I would say that the /o/'s in diphthongs are probably [O] (slow down the
word "pollo" and hear the sound you're making), whereas, for example, the /o/
in "mató" is definitely [o].