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Re: Comparative

From:# 1 <salut_vous_autre@...>
Date:Monday, May 2, 2005, 19:38
I devised the comparisons for my conlang Vbazi, and I tried a kind of way by
using auxiliaries and because it's a kind of way I've never saw I'd prefer
y'all to check if it works.


de -vabz- = speak(intrans.), say(with an accusative), talk(with dative but
no accusative)
(de = active marker VS. no marking = stative)
-gan- = be tall/high (adjectives are intransitive verbs)
-glyit- = play

i = 1st person
e = 2nd person
kh = 3rd person
(they are used as pronouns or suffixes. "i" and "e", when pronouns, have an
"l" added on when they follow a word ending with a vowel)

-i = accusative
-in = dative


de vbazi = I speak
ACT. Speak-1st

gani = I'm tall

de pygi vbaz = I speak more
ACT. AUX-1st Speak

pygi gan = I'm taller
AUX-1st Be-Tall

de pygi vbaz a le = I speak more than you
ACT. AUX-1st Speak than you

pygi gan a le = I'm taller than you
AUX-1st Be-Tall than you

khin de pygi vbaz = I talk him more
3rd-dat ACT AUX-1st Talk

khin de pygi vbaz a le = I talk him more than you
3rd-dat ACT AUX-1st Talk than you

Comparison of different verbs:

de pygi vbaz a glyite = I speak more than you play
AUX-1st Speak than Play-2nd

khin de pygi vbaz a glyite = I talk him more than you play
3rd-dat ACT AUX-1st Talk than Play-2nd

So "-pyg-" is a comparative auxiliary

I've devised 6 comparative auxiliaries

-pyg-: quantitative auxiliary of superiority (more)
-zbil-: quantitative auxiliary of inferiority (less)
-dzaib-: quantitative auxiliary of equality (as much / as... (than)...)

-viiz-: qualitative auxiliary of superiority (better)
-jeh-: qualitative auxiliary of inferiority (worse)
-kaiv: qualitative auxiliary of equality (as well)

They, unless they are kind of "absolute comparisons" like "I speak more" or
"I play worse" that are no compared to smthg in particular, come with "a"
that means "than", followed by what they're compared to at nominative case

That's for now: it could be possible for me to deciding to change "a" for a
particular affix or to place the compared noun/pronoun at accusative but for
now I found it sounded better than accusative

Thanks in advance for comentaries and help.

- Max