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Re: Verb Classes

From:Joe Mondello <rugpretzel@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 13, 2000, 4:56
In a message dated 6/12/00 5:17:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
jcowan@REUTERSHEALTH.COM writes:

> > A solution I'm > > leaning towards is to put gestures in the "physical actions" class and > > written actions into the spoken actions category: > > How about leaving sign language in "spoken actions"? You could use the > same verb for "gesture" but with a different class affix. >
Sorry about that; I plan on making the spoken actions class into a sort of "language actions class", which would include, of course, written, spoken, and gestural language. by gesture I was merely referring to agrammatical gestures, such as the middle finger and the "OK" sign. Joe Mondello