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CHAT: More OT stuff on Linux... the Cool OS (Re: Re: CHAT: Re:Summary, web based mailinglist archives

From:Theodore Kloba <ted.kloba@...>
Date:Saturday, October 30, 1999, 14:28
The last I read (on Corel's website, months ago) was that Corel was developing a
line of  thin clients/network pcs and a version of Linux to run on them.  You
probably know that the Corel PerfectOffice Suite is available for Linux.  I
contacted them about the CorelDRAW! package, but they didn't have a planned date
for a Linux release.

alypius wrote:

> Speaking of Linux, I read in a computer mag that Corel is working on its own > version of Linux, but don't know when its expected to be on the market. > Does anyone out there have more info on Corel's Linux project? ~alypius
-- Theodore M. Kloba