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Ayeri: Translation of Psalm 23

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Monday, April 25, 2005, 20:03
Hey all!

Here is the translation Psalm 23, according to Luther '84,
with very slight changes (see notes below). For comparision,
I used, as usual, the "Gute Nachricht" translation from
1997. A recording of this will possibly follow if you like
because I'm too lazy to transcribe everything into CXS.

  Pesalam 1B

  (Yapesalam ena Davin)

  In Nahang ang nantong ayena,
  Ang seditinayin ranyáris.

  Ang mandiyàin ayaris ling pramíéa eidano
  Nay pitiyà ayaris mangasaha caronea aihiro.
  Ang sambiyàin tenaris ayena.
  Ang pitiyàin ayaris ling sasanoea eicayto garanisa iyàena.

  Naynay ang rua lungáyin aysulei emacárya,
  Ang corayin nerauoiaris;
  Yanoyam ang yanoevain caivo ayea,
  Bateyon evaena eng navárò ayaris.

  Ang poranevain prihinnolei marin nivaiéa cehiniéna ayena.
  Ang mutevain devoaris ayena galimehireri
  Nay ang soyaevain lepaylei manga litoea.

  Bananon nay nasan le senasyarò tenanaris ayena aican,
  Nay ang sedivayin nangaea ena Nahang asayam.

Pesalam 1B
  Psalm 23

Tay nantong nuban
  The shepherd AGT.good

Ya-pesalam ena Davin
  a:OBL.psalm GEN David

In Nahang ang nantong ayena
  TRG Lord TRG:AGT shepherd my

Ang se-ditin-ay-in ranya-aris
  TRG:AGT FUT.lack.1sg.TRG nothing.PAT

Ang mand-iyà-in ayaris ling prami-ie-ea ei-dano
  TRG:AGT graze.3sg:a.TRG me on

Nay pit-iyà ayaris mangasaha caron-ea ai-hiro
  And lead.3sg:a me to water.LOC OBL.fresh

Ang samb-iyà-in ten-aris ayena
  TRG:AGT erquicken[1].3sg:a.TRG soul.PAT my

Ang pit-iyà-in ayaris ling sasano-ea ei-cayto garan-isa
  TRG:AGT lead.3sg:a.TRG me on road.LOC OBL.right name.CAU

Naynay ang rua lu<ng>a-ay-in aysu-lei e-macárya
  Furthermore, TRG:AGT must pass_through.<COND>.1sg.TRG
  valley.PAT PAT.dark

Ang c<o>r-ay-in nerau-oi-aris
  TRG:AGT fear.<CONSQ>.1sg.TRG evil.NEG.PAT

Yanoyam ang yanoevain caivo ay-ea
  Because TRG:AGT be.2sg.TRG side_of 1sg.LOC

Batey-on evaena eng nava-arò ayaris
  Staff.TRG your TRG:AGT comfort.3sg:o me[2]

Ang poran-eva-in prihinno-lei marin nivaie-ea cehin-ie-ena
  TRG:AGT prepare.2sg.TRG table.PAT in_front_of eyes.LOC my

Ang mut-eva-in devo-aris ayena galimehir-eri
  TRG:AGT rub.2sg.TRG head.PAT my oil/resin.INST[3]

Nay ang soya-eva-in lepay-lei manga lito-ea
  And TRG:AGT fill.2sg.TRG mug.PAT until brim.LOC

Banan-on nay nasan le se-nasy-arò tenan-aris ayena a-ican
  Goodness.TRG and mercy[4] TRG:PAT FUT.follow.3sg:o
  life.PAT my PAT.all

Nay ang se-div-ay-in nanga-ea ena Nahang asayam
  And TRG:AGT FUT.stay.1sg.TRG house.LOC GEN Lord forever

[1] I didn't find the word for "eleileirquicken" in my
dictionary. It means that it does good to you so that you
are not thirsty or hungry anymore, it makes you feel good
all over.

[2] "Dein Stecken und Stab trösten mich" -- lit.: "Your
stick and your crook are comforting me". I only translated
one occurrence of this "shepherd's crook"

[3] Resin (Baumharz) is here referring to good smelling
oils/perfume and stuff -- Resin also smells good.

[4] "Barmherzigkeit": in the religious sense, my dictionary
says, this is translated with "mercy". It could also be
translated with "charity", but this meaning already goes
together with _banan_, "goodness".

I hope you enjoyed,

Edatamanon le matahanarà nangimoea eibenem ena Bahis
Palayena, 15-A8-58-2-3-A-2A ena Curan Tertanyan.