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Just for fun

From:Carlos Thompson <cthompso@...>
Date:Friday, March 5, 1999, 15:10
Just for fun I was thinking in a language... actually an orthography,
where "chlewey" is pronounced /'xlju.i/  After I have to small text I
can revive my former language (Rithian), I could think about developing
this new language as personal language.

I whan a somehow irregular orthography as most eastern european
languages, when one letter have mor than one phonemes, and each phonem
has several alophones.

There are five vowel letters: a, e, i, o, u, some combinations of vowel
and semivowels and reduplication.  Here they are:

orth.  long(stress) short(stress) unstressed
 a      /a:/  [a:]   /a/  [A]      /@/  [@]
 ay     /&:/  [&I]                 /&/  [&]
 aw     /ow/  [oU]                 /o/  [o]
 e      /e:/  [e:]   /e/  [E]      /@/  [@]
 ee     /e:/  [e:]                 /I/  [I]
 ey     /i:/  [i:]                 /i/  [i]
 ew     /ju:/ [ju:]  /ju/ [ju]     /jU/ [jU]
 i      /i:/  [i:]   /i/  [i]      /I/  [I]
 o      /o:/  [o:]   /o/  [O]      /o/  [o]
 oo     /o:/  [o:]                 /U/  [U]
 ow     /u:/  [u:]                 /u/  [u]
 u      /u:/  [u:]   /u/  [u]      /U/  [U]
 uy     /wi:/ [wi:]  /wi/ [wi]     /wI/ [wI]

Other ombinations
  -y =3D /j/
  -w =3D /w/
  -r =3D /@/

Unstressed {i} and {u} become /j/ and /w/ before another vowel.

Vowels are short if there is consonant after them in the same syllabe.

Here are the consonants:
orth.  basic     before front
       sound    vowels (if dif)
 b      /b/
 c      /k/        /tS/
 ch     /x/
 cy     /tS/
 d      /d/
 dj     /dZ/
 f      /f/
 g      /g/        /dZ/
 gh                /g/
 h      /h/
 j      /Z/
 k                 /k/
 l      /l/
 m      /m/
 n      /n/
 ny     /J/
 p      /p/
 qu     /kw/
 r      /r/
 s      /s/
 sy     /S/
 t      /t/
 v      /v/
 w      /hw/
 y      /Z/
 z      /ts/

j and y (/Z/) are palatal fricatives, like spanish {y}.
sy (/S/) is a palatal ficative, like swedish {tj}.
ny (/J/) is a palatal nasal, like spanish {n~}.
cy, c (/tS/) and gy, g (/dZ/) are postalveolar africates, like English
{ch} and {j}.

/b/, /d/ and /g/ become fricative [B], [D] and [G] just after an
stressed vowel or beween unstressed vowels.  [b], [d] and [g] otherways.

/p/, /t/ and /k/ are aspirated [p_h], [t_h] and [k_h] in stressed
sylabes (initial or final), except after /s/.  Unaspirated in other
/r/ at the begining of a word or after a consonant with no cluster is
trilled.  Intervocalic or in a cluster is flaped.  final marks a
diphthongical /@/.
(The following clusters are admited: br, dr, gr, pr, tr, cr, fr, vr,
chr, as well ase bl, gl, pl, cl, and fl)
/s/ and /ts/ becomes voiced [z], [dz] intervocalic or before voiced
consonant.  /ts/ is fricative [z] after an stressed vowel or between
unstressed vowels.
{y} and {w} becomes aproximants /j/ and /w/ after a vowel (syllabe
final) if no cluster is formed.
/n/ becomes velar [N] before /k/, /g/, /h/ or /hw/.  /g/ is always
forced occluiseve as [g] after /n/.

Foreing words will use (if no other indication like " pronounce
'Shakespeare' like 'Syecspier' " is given):
orth.  basic
 k      /k/
 kh     /x/
 q      /k/
 rr     /r/ trilled.
 x    /ks/ or /S/

Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinz=F3n
  ITEC-Telecom, Colombia