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Re: Yogh (was Re: y sound)

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Friday, April 25, 2003, 6:53
Danny Wier gir'hti:

> From: "Isaac Penzev" <isaacp@...> > > > The same source says it was a common practice to use KA, EL and EN + > > apostrophe instead of proper characters "WITH HOOK" in print, e.g. in > > newspapers till 1990s. > > Ugh, I see an apostrophe and I assume glottalization/ejectiveness by
> (the job of palochka). Why not just use hard sign instead?
As we see, character perception psychology differs from one script to another... An apostrophe was used to modify Cyr letters because it was easy to type and/or print them! ja gir'h (you also wrote):
> The macron vowels are obviously the long vowels of Uralic. A-ring I'm not > sure about,
[skip phonetic values guesses]
> A single dot above E (reversed)? I'm lost on that one.
Danny, we were not talking about their phonetic values (which, btw, in Cyrillics may differ the same way they do in Latin script)! But I think you were close enough... I only suspect that Nivkh HA WITH STROKE represents mere [h]. Yitzik