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Re: restricted semantics language

Date:Monday, June 23, 2008, 14:02
> [] On Behalf Of R A Brown
> > I see no mention as to whether he researched any universals
> > not, but what he has is interestingly in line with other > > articles I've read. > > A very good point. My own interest in Lips-Kith, which I came
across at
> the end of the 1950s, was partly because of Scarisbrick's
claim to have
> used "universal" roots. I too could find no evidence of any in
> research (which does not necessarily mean there wasn't any). > > My own feeling is that Scarisbrick knew Latin, Greek and
Hebrew and
> probably some other European languages and that his universals
> derived by intuition rather than systematic research. But I > may be doing the gentleman an injustice.
Possibly. This is the first I've heard of this language. I know Jespersen did some work on phonosemantics too, applying the idea of natural selection to words that are more universal in their symbolism. I've also been looking a bit into synesthesia as applied to sound.