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restricted semantics language

From:Nils Schäffer <nils.schaeffer@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 3, 2008, 16:57

this is my first post to the conlang mailing list.

i wonder if anyone has got any sources/ideas to a priori languages where the
main feature is a highly restricted semantics, say languages that are
constructed around a set of sememes which are meant to be primitives out of
which many possible meanings can be generated. i have read about
wierzbicka's natural semantic metalanguage and have something similar in
mind, but without the academic approach and with a larger corpus with
perhaps hundreds of primitives.

on one hand it should do without an inherent taxonomy, as it is featured in
foster's ro, in favour of giving every single morpheme a well-defined
meaning; on the other hand it should not be constructed with a complete
dictionary in mind, as i think that could tempt the creator to determine
'interesting' metaphors that have to be remembered, rather than searching
for a morphosyntax which is attached afterwards to achieve more flexibility
when inventing new expressions.

any comments would be helpful



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