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Response to Questions Concerning Katabala, el mejor idioma :)

From:Austin Taylor <aemilius7@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 12, 1999, 20:14
Hey all,

Okay, its time to clear a few things up about the apparantly
unclear Romanized orthography I sent y'all of Katabala.
That was my way of transcribing the phonemes of K. into the
Roman alphabet.  Basically what I was trying to say was that
all letters in the Roman alphabet, when used to transcribe
Katabala, have their same phonemic values as in English,
except for the noted exceptions (i.e. the three unused
letters and certain digraphs and diphthongs).  For example,
{th} = /T/ (noted in orthography)
<b> = /b/ (not noted, same value as in English)
{oy} = [oi] (noted in orthography)

And about the phoneme /p/, it is NOT included in my
sounds for Katabala; if I had known the correct notation, I
could've said:
/p/ is not included in my phonemes for Katabala, ergo <p>
does not have a phonemic value and is not used.


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