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Re: CHAT: Giger (wasRe: this is what I got in the mail)

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 18, 2003, 7:52
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From: "J Y S Czhang" <czhang23@...>

> >To what extent has Giger put a "copyright" on > >his STYLE of painting? I wondered about that; if some science fiction > >film producer were to hire someone who was NOT Giger to design a space
> >or a monster--the metallic and the organic meshing, the long-headed
> >the sexual/mechanical imagery, the joints that look like backbones, the
> >coloring and painterly techniques--could Giger sue? Perhaps it's a
> >of how well-known you are, and how much opprobrium accrues to the obvious > >plagiarist.
> Being quite familiar with the "body modification" subculture, I have
> many "BioMech(anical)"-style tattoos that are totally inspired by Giger
> to a lesser extent, French comicbook artist Moebius). > I have also seen a well-done combination of tattooing and subdermal > implanting based on Giger (the subdermal implants accenting the 3D-ness of > the tattooing).
Yeah, but my question was whether a big-name film producer could get someone to fake Giger in a multimillion dollar sf movie with sure box office profits without getting Giger seriously mad at him. It's the money, honey.
> Hehe, I believe you may literally see more than you reaaallly ever
> to by simply using Google's advance search option using the keyphrase
> modification" and keywords "Giger," "BioMech," "implants," etc.. > CAUTION: if you have a weak stomach, easily have nightmares &/or have > children nearby, please exercise extreme discretion.
I've pored over the Necronomicon. Landscapes of wounds and dead babies. Late nite Sal gal. Mad and bad and overworked.