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Re: MNCL5 Phonology and Orthography

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Thursday, November 22, 2007, 14:25
On 2007-11-19 Jeffrey Jones wrote:
> There's not much to describe. It's a lot like ASCII-IPA except that > things > like "_X" would be handled with superscript X, greatly improving > readability. > There are still things to be worked out, such as how to handle the > tiebar type > of thing. The one page I've used it on hasn't been uploaded yet. >
You could use subscripts for _X and superscripts for tiebar. Too bad HTML can't stack su(per|b)scripts like TeX! Beware however that it will all be broken if someone copies/saves as plaintext, or views in Lynx! I think su'scripts break in my mobile browser too, f'rexample. /BP 8^)> -- Benct Philip Jonsson -- melroch atte melroch dotte se ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Sometimes you can't make it The best you can do is to fake it" (U2)