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Re: MNCL5 Phonology and Orthography

From:Jeffrey Jones <jsjonesmiami@...>
Date:Monday, November 19, 2007, 8:05
On Sat, 17 Nov 2007 22:41:26 +0100, Benct Philip Jonsson
<bpj@...> wrote:
> >On 2007-11-15 Jeffrey Jones wrote: > > > > I actually prefer ASCII-IPA for reasons of typing ease and > > readability; > > >for web- pages I prefer my own ASCII + superscripts method > >even more. > >Sounds interesting. Could you describe it?
There's not much to describe. It's a lot like ASCII-IPA except that things like "_X" would be handled with superscript X, greatly improving readability. There are still things to be worked out, such as how to handle the tiebar type of thing. The one page I've used it on hasn't been uploaded yet.
> > I'm not very good at "should". > >OK it's your pages!
In any event, I only have one font (Thryomanes) with IPA.
> > > >Google for BabelMap if you're on Windows! > > > > I just did and took a look at it, and it is available for > > Windows 98. But it seems that it outputs only the various > > kinds of UTF, not decimal codes. > >It also outputs hexadecimal and decimal HTML entity codes >&#(x)00; and so on at your choice.
So it does -- the webpage must be wrong. I was playing with it earlier and it looks like it might be useful after all.
> But I agree it's a bit of >a problem even so if you're on Windows 98. I'm still on XP >and probably will untill something better than Vista shows >up. I think I'll sooner tackle the Linux learning curve >before 'upgrading' to Vista...
Same here, given what I've heard about Vista.
> > I edit HTML files using my own DOS-mode editor, so UTF > > would be a nightmare! In any event, I don't have the unzip > > program. > >You just need to co copy and paste HTML entity codes. Can >your browser handle Unicode?
Sort of.
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