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Re: How to name the languages of sentient beings?

Date:Thursday, December 1, 2005, 15:09
Watch reply-tos!

Or need we have an exact English translation?  I can think of several
terms that are basically impossible to translate.  Example French
"chez"--which can roughly mean "at the house of", "where (person)
works", "at a place related to this task", etc.

A term for this in an agglutinating language would be something like
"think-person.GEN language".

On 12/1/05, caeruleancentaur <caeruleancentaur@...> wrote:
> On 11/30/05, Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@n...> wrote: > >What's a good word for the set of languages, nat and con, that are > >meant for communication between sentient beings -- i.e. excluding > >computer programming languages, data modelling languages, and so > >on, >but including languages for aliens, and unusually smart > >hamsters, >and what-have-you? "Human" languages is wrong, as > is "natural". I'm >rather at a loss. > > I don't believe that any form of "sentient" is adequate. It seems > to me that, in any given conculture, some sentient beings speak and > some don't. "Sentient," after all, has nothing to do with the > ability to speak, but the ability to feel. > > What is needed is a word (an adjective, it appears) that includes > all the species that can communicate. Since anything is possible in > a conculture, that could very well include animal as well as plant > life (or any other form imagined). And the word has to distinguish > between forms that can communicate and those that can't, _e.g._, > oaks can communicate but elms can not. I don't believe there is > such a word, at least in English. > > I found in the OED the word "loquent" meaning having the ability to > speak, and that's the word I use in my conculture for the dragons > and the six human-like races that can speak, the other life forms > being merely sentient. I call these the loquent peoples or races or > nations. > > Charlie > >