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Re: Romance or Romanic?

From:Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>
Date:Monday, August 9, 1999, 18:09
On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Tom Wier wrote:

> R G Roberts wrote: > > > > Does anyone have any knowledge of these other Italic languages and the > > extent to which they varied from Roman by any chance? > > I think I've read that early on Oscan underwent a lot of shifts in labiovelars > with e.g. /k_w/ becoming /p/... but that's about the limits of my knowledge on > particulars in these languages. >
Oscan vs. Latin: Pis pocapit post post exac comono hafiesht meddis dat castrid loufir en eituas, factud pous touto deiuatuns tanginom deicans, siom dat eizasc idic tangineis deicum, pod ualaemon touticom tadait ezum, nep fefacid pod pos dat eizac egmad mins deiuaid dolud malud. Quis quandoque post hac comitia hababit magistratus de capite uel in pecunias, facito ut populus iurati sententiam dicant, se de iis id sententiae dicere, quod optimum publicum censeat esse, neve fecerit quo quis de ea re minus iuret dolo malo. Umbrian vs. Latin: pusveres Treplanes tref sif kumiaf feitu Trebe Iuvie ukriper Fisiu, tutaper Ikuvina. post portam Trebulanam tris sues gravidas facito Trebo Iuvio pro arce Fisia, pro civitate Iguvina. Note postpositions: tutaper / per civitate; ukriper / pro arce. But not posveres. There are all sorts of books on these two langauges: the two I used for these texts were Palmer's "The Latin Language" and [of course, the title page is missing for the second], but has Oscan and Umbrian texts with Latin translations. Somewheres around I've got an O-U grammar in German. Padraic.
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