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And now for something completely different - Chatiga

From:Pascal A. Kramm <pkramm@...>
Date:Sunday, December 26, 2004, 22:53
This time, I took a completely different approach :D
Chatiga possesses neither verbs nor adjectives, as nouns are used in their
place. Words are never inflected, making it a highly isolating language
which uses particles for grammatical functions like indication of time and
modality, or to mark nouns for their function if neccessary.

I've included a transliteration for the Babel text so you can see how this
For the proper pronunciation, take a look at the pronunciation page:

1 Je chantra feral wa inas woch besetc med chalik plu ford.
2 En aust farc, plu grchum wa trchala in Shinar un dcarni an tcatro wa natca.
3 Sa wa woch a sa: "Num krchum! Num shard krchea an id num tantra rocha na."
4 Tan sa wa woch: "Num krchum! Num wik krchea pa fir med trchur a radcu, a
nam tcat pa fir, ni ga fir en trchad ana chantra midgrchar."
5 Ba HaShem wa nerc krchum a wik an trchur sewni.
6 HaShem wa woch: "Jabba sa wanu grchen a tcat he alc inas tceudo med inas
woch, ga tomia nu prchan a tcat af sa ir un mochal.
7 Num krchum! Num chanchan nerc an num twerra woch af sa, so tac sa ir sa un
8 So HaShem wa sa trchad ana chantra midgrchar, an ga sa wa mercha a wik krchea.
9 Taron ga wik wa nama chewo, qanda natca HaShem wa twerra woch af chantra
feral; fam natca HaShem wa sa trchad ana chantra midgrchar.

- Particles with grammatical function are written in /italic/ script.
- In *all* cases where an English word can either be a noun or a verb, the
noun is meant.

*1* Now whole world /past/ one language/speech possession with same /plural/
*2* /ongoing action/ east journey, /plural/ men /past/ plain in Shinar
discovery/find (/negation/ cover) and there /past/ settlement.
*3* They /past/ language/speech to they: "/imperative/ coming/arrival!
/imperative/ brick creation/construction and it /imperative/ fire diligence
*4* Then they /past/ language/speech: "/imperative/ coming/arrival!
/imperative/ city creation/construction for we with tower to sky, to name
action/act for we, *so that not* /passive/ we /ongoing action/
scatter/spread over whole earth."
*5* But HaShem /past/ down coming/arrival ' to city and tower sight/look.
*6* HaShem /past/ language/speech: "If they /present perfect/
beginning/start to action/act this as one folk/people with one
language/speech, /passive/ void /present/ plan to action/act by/from/of they
/future/ /negation/ possibility.
*7* /imperative/ coming/arrival! /imperative/ go/walk/drive down and
/imperative/ confusion/disorder language/speech of they, so that they
/future/ they /negation/ understanding.
*8* So HaShem /past/ they scatter/spread over whole earth, and /passive/
they /past/ obstacle/hindrance to city creation/construction.
*9* Therefore /passive/ city /past/ name gift, because here HaShem /past/
confusion/disorder language/speech of whole world; from here HaShem /past/
they scatter/spread over whole earth.

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