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Re: CONLANG Digest - 2 Nov 2000 to 3 Nov 2000 (#2000-301)

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Sunday, November 12, 2000, 23:17
Eric Christopherson wrote:
> I've never thought to use <mong> as a verb, but I think it's acceptable in > my idiolect to say <monger>, although I never do. Besides the oddity of the > pronounced /g/
Actually, that probably isn't an oddity. Since the verb {mong} no longer exists, -monger is probably treated as a single morpheme, hence, the /g/ is expected. -- Dievas dave dantis; Dievas duos duonos God gave teeth; God will give bread - Lithuanian proverb ICQ: 18656696 AIM Screen-Name: NikTailor