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Re: Hangkerim creation mith

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Saturday, April 3, 1999, 2:16
I wrote:

> Veh=E4l=E2rangh=E4l=E2ngh=E0 veh=E1p=FBz=F9rangh=E1p=FBng puh=FBp=E1lan=
> puh=FBp=E1langh=E1p=FBng puh=E4l=E2ngh=E0h=FBp=E1lah=FBz=E8v=E4yir=E9ng=
h=E0 pur=E9ngh=E0langz=EDngl=FCngh=EC
> hengk=E2r=E4ngh=ECkir=E9ngh=E0d=E4d=E2ng hengp=E9r=FBmh=ECkir=E9ngh=E0p=
> puh=FAc=EDngh=E0langn=FAmk=E4m pur=E9ngh=E0langn=FA pun=FAlangr=E9ngh=E0=
> puh=FAc=EDv=E2l=E4langk=E2r=E4ngh=EClangp=E9r=FBmhi hengz=EAr=E4n=E0kir=
> puv=FAlah=E2c=E4k=E1ngyin=FAmk=E4m ker=E9ngh=E0lah=EBl=EAl=E4yaz=EAr=E4=
> cingz=EAr=E4h=FBr=EAl=EEngn=E8kir=EDr=FCm=EEy=F9 cingr=FCm=EEy=F9kir=ED=
h=E1ngc=EE cingz=EAr=E4h=EDngkir=EDk=E0z=FBm
> puv=FAlav=EFc=EDying vek=E2r=E4ngh=ECvep=E9r=FBmh=ECrah=EFp=E9l=E2ngyiv=
=FA per=E9ngh=E0lac=E4myay=E9ng
> per=FCm=EEy=F9lad=EBh=FBngz=E9yangz=EAr=E4ngh=E0 hengr=FCm=EEy=F9kak=F9=
r=FC pep=E2y=F9 peh=FCmd=E8 pek=EEr=E1mh=EC
> pep=FBl=FCmh=EC per=E9y=FBngd=EC peh=EAl=FBngd=EC pep=E2ngd=E9ngh=EC pe=
> peh=FBr=EBy=F9l=FCngh=EClak=F9r=FCyir=FCm=EEy=F9 hengr=FCd=FCmd=E8kir=E9=
> cingh=FBr=EBy=F9kiv=FAh=EBr=FBy=EB hengr=EAy=FCmp=E8r=F9ngkir=E9ngh=E0z=
=EAr=E4ngh=E0 cingn=FAkiv=FAl=EDv=EFy=E4
> puh=EAzav=E2langr=EAy=FCmp=FAl=FBp=E2m cingz=FAp=EAr=E4kih=EBl=EEmv=FBv=
> puc=EEh=E4lar=EAy=FCmyih=FCr=F9m=E1
BTW. I forgot to tell that the above is the "original" in lowercase orthographic romanization (even if lowercase would should use for phoneti= c, not for orthographic, romanization) This is the first chapter of the Boo= k of Miths (R=FAk=E1h=EBp=FBng), which is one of the three sacred books of = the Hangkerim cult. The other two are the "Book of Rites" and the "Book of Life". The clasification of texts in these three books is quite modern (around 1840 AD), as well as the orthography. I don't know if any one el= se would like to translate this text into their conlang, the translation int= o English is bellow.
> There was no before and there will be no after. > Now is there a before, and now is there an after. > And before now the one existed, and the one where everething. > Then the one open the darks and broght away the thunders > and this was the universe and the one was the universe and the unverse > was the one > and everything else was darks and thunders. > The one modeled worlds in the unviverse > the central world the one would live in > the outher worlds the one would seed life in > and create our world in a hiden place or the universe > because the one wanted no darks no thunders to find it > The one farmed life in this world and life grew up. > And humans, and trees, and jaguars and condors, > and monkies and birds, and caymans and capybara > and all creatures grew from the life. > And the one put spirits in the world, so spirits could help the > creatures. > And the one put two guardians for keeping the world safe. > The sun was the greater of the guardians, with its light could threw th=
> shadows away. > The moon was the guardian of the sleep.
-- o_o =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D= =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3Dw=3D=3D=3Dw=3D=3D=3D=3D####### Chlewey Thompin ## #### ## ## ## ------------------------------------------------##-## ## ### - =BFPor qu=E9 no? - No tiene sentido. - =BFQu=E9 sentido? El sentido no existe. - El sentido inverso. O el sentido norte. El sentido com=FAn, tal ve= z. O sin sentido, como aqu=ED. (-- Graeville 2)