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Immediate future tense

From:Keenan <makeenan@...>
Date:Friday, November 6, 1998, 3:48

Nothing has inspired more change in the Okjwn (my conlang) than joining
this list.

Since I joined last month I have:

Changed the spelling.
Webbified it.
Changed the sounds of the tense markers.
Expanded the grammar.

This may be good, it may be bad. I really intend to finish Ok someday.
So hopefully someday I'll feel no more changes will be needed.

Well, anyways to explain the subject of this message.

I'm currently trying to de-anglicise Ok, another list inspired activity.
Ok, for anyone who has looked at it, certainly doesn't look like English
but, it translates word for word and I've decided to change that.

to whit: the immediate future tense. An action that hasn't happened yet
but is at the point of being performed right now.

And possibly also: the habitual future. An action That will be performed
habitually in the future.

Do these tenses occur in any natlangs or conlangs on this list

And BTW, does anyone know how many conlangs there _are_ on this list?

-Duke Keenan