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Re: bax & brx

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 5, 2005, 19:45
H. S. Teoh wrote:

> On Tue, Jan 04, 2005 at 10:20:35PM +0100, Benct Philip Jonsson wrote: > >>Ray Brown wrote: >> >> >>>I propose that BrScA be named _bax_ /'baSa/ (it must, if you recall, have >>>the written shape CVC0. The _b_ and _x_ are suggested by B-Sc; the vowel >>>_a_ seems a reasonable vocalization of -r-. >> >>Not at all bad seeing that _bhaa.sa_ /b_h\A:s`@/ is "language" >>in Sanskrit! :) > > [...] > > No kidding. Is that where the Malay word "bahasa" came from, a > borrowing from Indic langs perhaps?
Exactly. _Bhaasa_ is the Prakrit form. -- /BP 8^)> -- Benct Philip Jonsson -- melroch at melroch dot se Solitudinem faciunt pacem appellant! (Tacitus)