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Re: Translation exercise done in Korahamla

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Thursday, November 21, 2002, 23:14
--- In conlang@y..., Amanda Babcock <langs@Q...> wrote:
 > A documentary on the Ottoman sultan Suleiman briefly mentioned a poem
 > he wrote in which he speaks of ruling for a long time until a hostile
 > wind should come.  Inspired by "hostile wind", I wondered how I could
 > render in Korahamla "The wind now blowing hates you who have ruled
 > for so long".

Nice sentence.

In Jovian:

|Vindun nun flante oeze ti ci tan lungei ringavas.|
["vind@n nUm"plant "AjD ti ki tam"blUNge riN"ga:v@s]
wind now blow:PTC  hate:3s  PER:2s:ACC  REL:m:NOMs  so  long:ADV

In Obrenje:

|Fecce pelev fume tize il tse dramwe macule.|
/"heCC# p@"lEv fu:m ti:Z il tS# "dramw@ ma"hu:l/
hate:3e  wind:d  blow:PTC  now  PER:2:OBJ  TSE  long:ADV  reign:PST:2

The adjective |dranje| "long" is only applicable for timespans, not
spatial lengths.

-- Christian Thalmann