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Reduced Saalangal

From:B. Garcia <madyaas@...>
Date:Thursday, September 30, 2004, 6:30
I think the reason I never completed much of Saalangal is because
while I get the gist of triggers, I don't think I comprehend their use
enough to be satisfied. So it has always been on the backburner. So,
i've decided to do a bit of reduction verb wise and make it more of an
active/passive language, using the "actor" triggers for active, and
the "object" triggers for passive. I'm still keeping the distinction
between the "natural" and "unnatural" actions. The trigger markers
could still be used to indicate who is the one doing the verb.

Of course maybe i'm not totally getting rid of the trigger system here?


I taught him - katra.saré      kati manaw
                    active.teach.past   I      he

I was taught by him - saré             halam  ati
                                taught.past.passive he        me

I know that often Tagalog sentences are translated in the passive and
active forms many times, even though i've been told it doesn't exist
in that language.

So, have I made Saalangal into an active/passive language, or just
reduced the triggers to actor and object?

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