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Re: Answering some points

From:SuomenkieliMaa <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Monday, April 30, 2001, 12:16
--- Daniel44 <Daniel44@...> wrote:
> Just to answer some points.. > > Uusisuom does not use metaphor generally. The words > for 'red' and > 'embarassment' are in fact two different words > (puhat and puhojan > respectively) though a relationship between the > words is obvious. > > This is one of the things that makes Uusisuom quite > easy to pick up, the > fact that words are very often inter-related. > > Some examples: > > kirti - to read > kiroja - book > kirojalu - booklet > kirojan - literature > kirojahuva - library > kirsoika/kirsoike - reader (m/f) > kirojarakahsoika - bookworm > kirju - read (adjective) > > hanti - to live and to blossom > hanto - flower > hano - way or path > hanojan - life > > kalti - to grow > kalto - garden > kaltoa - bush, growth, tumour > kaltosoika - gardener > > And one more colour! > > Nohat - white > nohojan - purity > > > As to the u/y distinction: very few words in > Uusisuom actually use the > letter 'y' with the exception of the pronouns. > > Finally, I do not have contempt for linguists, I > have simply been > disappointed by some of the behaviour I saw on the > Auxlang list over the > past few weeks. I know, I know I was warned in > advance! > > Daniel > >
Hei Daniel, all, Well, again I'm no pro linguists (do not use those terms that float about in abundance here), but I do know that Uusisuom seems like a logical language that could be easily comprehensible in relatively little time, while maitaining a unique beauty. For that Daniel's attempt should be praised. Also, about the discussion on colors... frankly, it all boils down to individual perspectives. Every nation on earth has a different view-point on the matter, some might see red as anger where other might see it as embarrassment. Who should care about those trivalities? After all, this is about conlanging. The inventor should be in control on setting the pathway for "proper" communications for those who choose to learn the language. If it's an Auxlang, I'd guess the major concern would rest in making the language easily accessible to many (which Uusisuom could possibly). Indeed the subscribers to this list vary. I guess some of us here do not care for that u/y distinction, but keep in mind that some of us do! Matt __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Auctions - buy the things you want at great prices