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Re: Translation exercise (Vyääh)

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Monday, October 14, 2002, 19:44
En réponse à "Matt Swadener (Vyaah)" <admin@...>:

> Yao, hope everyone is well! (^-^)/ > > Matt in Tokyo here, formerly a.k.a. SuomenkieliMaa.
Hey Matt! Long time no see! I've been keeping
> myself busy with ordinary life, work and play, not much else. Still > as > much the Japanophile as I know Christophe is a Hollandophile! >
I'm still a Japanophile too (and I'm getting more and more a Hollandophile now that Sailor Moon finally found its way to the Dutch screens ;))) ).
> Well, I won't try to kid you that I've been working on conlanging or > even > learning more about what all of you true linguists discuss, but I > would > like to occasionally take part in the forum. (I vowed to myself that > I > won't take part in any chatroomesque discussion but only email when I > find > something interesting like Amanda's suggested translation exercise.) I > figure the more these fun exercises intice me to conlang, the more my > infantile and practically-structureless conlang Vyääh will grow. >
Please do! I'd love to see more examples of Vyääh (a language which I find personally anything but infantile).
> > Vyääh in Romanized form > UUaa rrhakjks! Hyÿélhînœg-ìamoœ, rrhakjks ÿikôyylhityhshìnfuttanÿi- > rrhöxoœððurrhèssmeid, kymg mikj vœböxpn af yîmäì af! Oœððeidoo sam, > shôyððo > oœoldoo myhyÿylhivääräsääroœ! > > One-to-one Breakdown > (Basic expression of disgust)! (Honorific), > (emphatic disgust) of 'over')- > (past).pee.[(gerund).(2nd p.sing.)='your ...-ing'], indeed why > (passive).nuture/spay.(1st p.sing.) not (emphatic of 'I') not? (With > digrace).leave.(2nd p.sing.).('may'/command) (emphatic, informal form > of 'you'), there (with disgrace).be.(2nd p.sing.).('may') my.torturer! >
Wow! If that's not polysynthetism I don't know what it is!!! :))
> Translation in English > Oh gee! You naughty cat, why I ought to have you nutured for wetting > all > over this lovely new futon! Out you go, and stay there, you torturer! > > Vocabulary > UUaa - (sound of disgust, especially with a long-drawn and rounded /u/ > and long-drawn and flat /a/) > rrhakjks - (severe disgust, annoyance - very flat short 'a') > élhî - four-legged animal (add ending to distinguish what type) > nœg - feline, weak ---> élhînœg - cat, nœgððo - weakness > lhyð - canine, strong ---> élhîlhyð - dog, lhyððeiì - strong man
So feline is mapped with weak and canine with strong? Strange... I would personally not have done such a thing (cats are weak?!!! Well, you've not seen many cats then :)))) ).
> > Nor do the Enclave - ie. the naturally same-gender oriented and semi- > telepathic human citizens of the far-off galaxy called Vaahvieu (written > in > Romanized Vyäähn language as Väävy'ÿ). >
My friend would be happy there then. He hates cats too (I love them personally. But I've always been quite a cat-person myself :))) ).
> > Just IMHO, I absolutely love this rendition by Padraic. Gosh, the more > I > read it, the more tears of laughter gush out of my eyesockets! > Everyone > else whose rendition was posted also deserve a round of applause, but > hands > down, this is the best - or funniest, at least! If Padraic or someone > has > a website where I can read on the above conlang, please send to me > directly > at my old-but-still-active yahoo account ( >
Unfortunately, there's not much on Kerno on the web except on some of the Conlang relays. And of course, there is still this impressive booklet which has a place of choice in my personal library :))) . Christophe. Take your life as a movie: do not let anybody else play the leading role.