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Translation exercise (Vyääh)

From:Matt Swadener (Vyaah) <admin@...>
Date:Saturday, October 12, 2002, 11:02
Yao, hope everyone is well!  (^-^)/

Matt in Tokyo here, formerly a.k.a. SuomenkieliMaa.  I've been keeping
myself busy with ordinary life, work and play, not much else.  Still as
much the Japanophile as I know Christophe is a Hollandophile!

Well, I won't try to kid you that I've been working on conlanging or even
learning more about what all of you true linguists discuss, but I would
like to occasionally take part in the forum.  (I vowed to myself that I
won't take part in any chatroomesque discussion but only email when I find
something interesting like Amanda's suggested translation exercise.) I
figure the more these fun exercises intice me to conlang, the more my
infantile and practically-structureless conlang Vyääh will grow.


> Translation exercise: > In your language, express a native speaker's opinion of the > appropriateness of the cat (or other domestic animal) peeing (or other > disgusting action) on the bed (or other inappropriate place).
Vyääh in Romanized form UUaa rrhakjks! Hyÿélhînœg-ìamoœ, rrhakjks ÿikôyylhityhshìnfuttanÿi- rrhöxoœððurrhèssmeid, kymg mikj vœböxpn af yîmäì af! Oœððeidoo sam, shôyððo oœoldoo myhyÿylhivääräsääroœ! One-to-one Breakdown (Basic expression of disgust)! (Honorific), (emphatic disgust) of 'over')- (past).pee.[(gerund).(2nd p.sing.)='your ...-ing'], indeed why (passive).nuture/spay.(1st p.sing.) not (emphatic of 'I') not? (With digrace).leave.(2nd p.sing.).('may'/command) (emphatic, informal form of 'you'), there (with disgrace).be.(2nd p.sing.).('may') my.torturer! Translation in English Oh gee! You naughty cat, why I ought to have you nutured for wetting all over this lovely new futon! Out you go, and stay there, you torturer! Vocabulary UUaa - (sound of disgust, especially with a long-drawn and rounded /u/ and long-drawn and flat /a/) rrhakjks - (severe disgust, annoyance - very flat short 'a') élhî - four-legged animal (add ending to distinguish what type) nœg - feline, weak ---> élhînœg - cat, nœgððo - weakness lhyð - canine, strong ---> élhîlhyð - dog, lhyððeiì - strong man uukjd - slither ---> élhîuukjd - reptile mikj - (interrogative indicator, alone indicates "why" as in above; the real word for "why" is _misöx_) ÿ+ (YY+ when the beginning of a sentence) = hyÿ+ - (honorific) ÿi - over, above, through, (positive, additional) oœ - under, below, (negative, retractive, condescending) tyh - extreme ylhi - likeable ylhityh - lovely tyhylhi - preferable vääräsäär - beauty ylhivääräsäär - darling (term of endearment) hyÿ+(n)+oœ - (condescending form of n) hyÿylhivääräsääroœ - torturer (or "my child, the little terror") ylhiðäävylh - sweety (term of endearment) ðäävylh - friend my - my sy - your (sing.) ðy - his rrhy - her ìöxtaì - its ny - our dy - your (pl.) vœðy - their (of the men) vœrrhy - their (of the women) vœìy - their (genderless) hif - far tyhhif - far away, far-off shìn - new shìntyh - newly tyhshìn - brand-new kôy+ - this kôyððo - here shôy+ - that shôyððo - there +ððo - (place or group) ðeiì - man ðeiìððo - mankind, people (general - emphasis on it being mainly men) rrhöx - woman rrhöxððo - womankind, people (general - emphasis on it being mainly women) urrh - unclean liquid/water rrhöx+ - (past tense indicator) ððurrhè - urinate (put out unclean liquid) oœððurrhè - pee ÿioœððurrhè - piss ððè - put out oœððè - throw out ððei - exit oœððei - leave (with disgrace) vœ+(v) - (passive of v) vœ+(n) - (pluralizer of n) +ssmei+ - (gerund, -ing) böxp - nuture/spay, make infertile ========================================================================
> And Amanda Babcock comments: > I suspect many conlangs would either only have one way, or borrow the > same structures used in the speaker's L1 or L2. It would be > interesting to see if we can get a diversity of structures here...
With relation to mine, at least, Amanda is very correct. Not a true conlanger, I suppose, and very amateuresque, I like to 'just do it' there and then - ie. in front of the computer at the internet cafe. This means that as I 'create,' I rely upon an amalgamation of structures in my L1 (Amerenglish), my L4 (Japanese, which is much stronger now than my L2 and L3!), with a hint of the little Finnish, Thai, Vietnamese, Khmer and Hangul that I picked up from traveling. Well, for me, it's just a non- conventional hobby so that's ok.
> And Robert Wilson comments: > native kontoko speakers don't like cats...
Nor do the Enclave - ie. the naturally same-gender oriented and semi- telepathic human citizens of the far-off galaxy called Vaahvieu (written in Romanized Vyäähn language as Väävy'ÿ).
> And, finally, Padraic Brown renders his translation as follows: > Ozes-ty aur a va Vaistres "Que's Dack e Phrovoer"; > que's drext e phroveor es ne trambuckar _pepil_ di > chathes meyanz neo alteor chanaves pissanz ar publick! > 'Na marcca yowenck cuomo la Ty defs > saver meyoer! Iesu Duls, cant bodoer me yowenck, nonck > jijanason nus poz y nustoer chanavethes esmerzant are > leck. Ce's que deckem me. ' > > Not _precisely_ the answer you were looking for, I'm sure! Consider it > the opinion of an older woman native speaker: > > "Now you listen here, Miss "What Is Proper"; what is > proper ain't gobbin on about pissin cats nor any other > whizzin pets in public! A young lady such as thyself > ought to know better! Why, when I were a lass, we never > jabbered on about our kitties crappin all over the bed. > That's all I'm saying."
Just IMHO, I absolutely love this rendition by Padraic. Gosh, the more I read it, the more tears of laughter gush out of my eyesockets! Everyone else whose rendition was posted also deserve a round of applause, but hands down, this is the best - or funniest, at least! If Padraic or someone has a website where I can read on the above conlang, please send to me directly at my old-but-still-active yahoo account ( Regards Matt / M.E.S.


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