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vennish 3

From:<Wilhelm Ulrich Schlaier> <smithv637@...>
Date:Sunday, August 17, 2003, 2:14
it might seem like im sending lots of stuff about vennish but really all it
is that im just impatient.

1. Zar c'e amor frawsezh oyr'eedev.
   [?(would)] you love(like) french fries.
2.Zart c'e amor frawsezh oyr'eedev.
    [?(do)] you love(like) french fries.

in vennish "society" (this is of course a conculture) it is common to hear
what we would consider curse words but mean almost nothing to the vennish.

3.Ra-Ce toopih etepen'ef ne trawsht en'ih Isk uhs pedihmen.
   (!)-you stupid F----r (,) stepped on I-own foot. or, Ow you stepped on my
4.Day'et ne cet d'ee etepene'f.
    God (,) your the(a) f----r. this is almost a compliment.

there is also a polite side to vennish though it is not nearly as widely

5.B'ihtem ne zar c'e ne av'awn trans d'ee sod'eek.
    please (,) [?(would)] you (,) possibly pass the salt.

ay=pay a=cat aw=hot ow=cow b=bat d=date ee=heat e=bet f=fat g=gut h=hello iy=
 j=jug k=cat l=lemming m=mom n=no o=no oy=boy p=pat r=rat s=sat t=tame oo=hoo
t uu=took uh=cut v=vat w=wait y=yellow z=zoo ch=church sh=should th=thing dh=
the zh=vision