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Personality type and conlangers

From:Freedberg, Bruce <bruce.freedberg@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 5, 2002, 16:46
I would expect to see a variety of the Myers-Briggs (i.e. Kiersey)
personality types involved in conlang doings, with the exception of the
second letter, which, I am hypothesizing, is almost always going to be an N
(iNtuitive), rather than an S (Sensing).  The creation of languages involves
a fascination with the hypothetical and the potential that would be unusual
in the practical, real-world, here-and-now outlook of the "S" personality.
As to the other types (the 8 of 16 which include N), I imagine there they
will account for some of the diversity in interests seen on the list, such
as emphases on fantasy-world languages, language universals, or quirky
linguistic exotica.  Anyone want to write a paper?

B. Freedberg (INFP)