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From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Sunday, July 4, 2004, 13:18
--- Philip Newton <philip.newton@...> wrote:
> I'm not sure whether Singlish is representative of > English-as-used-by-Chinese speakers, though. > > Cheers, > -- > Philip Newton <philip.newton@...> >
It's not. Singlish (and the dialects of Malaysians) are another animal from Honglish (Hong Kong English0 which is different from China's attempts which is different from Taiwan's attempts. Each entity with an educational system builds up a seperate tradition of self-perpetuating errors, and in S'pore a population of native speakers of a unique dialect. Adam ===== Idavi avins patorrechi djinerachunis djul Avramu ad ul Davidu ed avins patorrechi djinerachunis djil deporrachuni in al Baviluña ad ul Cristu. Machu 1:17