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The proverbial two birds

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 27, 2000, 2:04
The Gray Wizard wrote:

>English: Fight linguistic extinction... invent a language!
Kash: mundukka andakaleni sendesh-- rumaleka! Oppose extinction-of languages-- create (them) (subject to change...........)
>Both of these may be too long for a T-Shirt so I would suggest the second >half of the phrase only. > >English: Invent a language!
Kash: (lit.) rumaleka sende-- or, ara mirumale sende 'let's create a language' Re the wider debate on what does/does not belong on the T-shirt. If our criterion is conlangs as _artlangs_ (not intentionally meant for international use; no ideological or idealistic baggage), then Esperanto no, Quenya, Sindarin and Klingon yes. If we mean _our_ conlangs only, then none of these-- I am really neutral on this......But our craft does have roots, so on balance I could live with either decision-- yea, even unto Esperanto.