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I'm Back, and I Need Web Help!

From:David Peterson <thatbluecat@...>
Date:Thursday, August 21, 2003, 21:06
Hi all!

Hawai'i was wonderful. There are only three bookstores on the island of O'ahu
(discounting university bookstores, I'm sure), and I went to one of them, and
found *so much* on the Hawaiian language, it was ridiculous. I got an excellent
TY book, a reference grammar, a just-published book on Hawaiian Creole English
(or so they call it; I have my doubts), and a book of collected proverbs and
sayings in Hawaiian. I could've spent a fortune there.

Anyway, I've been working on my website, and submitting stuff to, and
I'm having all kinds of problems. I'll start with langmaker:

1.) I misspelled "adjectival" as "adjectiveal" on one of my Babel texts, but I
(think I) recently updated it, so I don't want to update it again, until I'm
sure that update has gone through. (Re: "adjectiveal": If you put that word
spelled that way into Google, my error is the very first hit. I don't know if I
should be honored or humiliated.)

2.) Someone stole my word! For their New English section yesterday, I saw the word
"dramastic", which *I* invented in 7th grade (1995)! I used it all the time!
And that was well before I ever thought of creating languages, or anything like
it. I actually woke up thinking it was a word, until I realized I was confusing
it with "dramatic" (and crossing it with "drastic"), but I liked it so much I
kept on using. Now someone else has taken credit for it! I feel violated.

3.) Apparently updating langmaker takes awhile, because it took so long to add my
Kamakawi language profile, that I apparently forgot I had submitted one, and
then submitted another! If you go to the site, there are currently *two*
entries for Kamakawi, both by me, only one is much less thorough. I've tried
e-mailing Jeffrey Henning about the situation, but I've gotten no response. I
also now don't want to submit model language entries for two of my other
conlangs (Kele and Zhyler), because I can't remember whether I've already
submitted them, and I don't want it to happen again.

4.) Just in general, I'm not sure if any of the e-mails I ever send to Jeffrey
Henning get through, or if he gets them and is just annoyed by them, because I
lose track of what I've submitted and when.

Okay, so that's troubles.  Now onto webrings:

1.) I apparently joined the "Scattered Tongues" webring (the little thing is on my
page:, but I don't appear on it, and I don't know
why that is. But then I noticed that there was another *different* Scattered
Tongues webring (to help out: The first ring has the Gray Wizard's pages on it,
and the second has Christopher Wright's), so I tried to join that one, and I
haven't received word on whether it's gone through yet, or if I accidentally
joined the same ring twice! I'm hopelessly confused.

Lastly, just a quick question about websiting:

1.) You know when you go to Yahoo!, or even, how (if you have the
type of brower that displays this) there's a little picture up next to the url?
For Yahoo! it's there Yahoo! Y, and for it's the picture of that
healer guy that's on Jeffrey Henning's website. How do you do that? I want a
little picture on my website!

Okay, that should make up for my lack of messaging while I've been nomail. I
appreciate any help anyone can give me.




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