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Deseret alphabet

From:Jean-François Colson <bn130627@...>
Date:Friday, August 22, 2003, 14:09
Hi all.

My interest is now on the Deseret alphabet and how I could adapt it to write
a conlang.
I’ve got no problem with the consonants, but the vowels are not really
Below I’ll identify the Deseret letters by the names as they appear on the
unicode chart and the example
words given on
Is the following list correct? (Each line begins with the guessed
pronunciation in SAMPA.)

[i:]  long i (e as in machine)
[eI]  long e (e as in grey)
[a:]  long a (a as in art)
[O:]  long ah (au as in aught)
[@U]  long o (o as in tone)
[u:]  long oo (oo as in moo)
[I]   short i (i as in it)
[e]   short e (e as in desert)
[{]   short a (a as in cat)
[Q]   short ah (o as in cot)
[U]   short oo (oo as in book)
[aI]  ay (e as in eye)
[aU]  ow (ow as in cow)
[OI]  oi
[ju:] ew

How is pronounced the letter short o (o as in woman)? Following my
dictionaries "woman" is pronounced <"wUm@n> (its "o" is pronounced like the
"oo" of "book"), but I guess the short o and the short oo are used for
different vowels. How is "woman" pronounced in the States?

And finally, how can I write the sounds [I@], [e@], [U@], [V], [3:] and [@]
using only the Deseret alphabet?

Thanks in advance.

Jean-François Colson


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