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Re: should've (was: Re: x > f sound change)

From:Damon M. Lord <lorddm@...>
Date:Sunday, September 16, 2001, 9:08
On 15 Sep 2001, at 13:13, Roger Mills wrote:

> I can understand how a child (up to age 10/11-- as is the case here IIRC) > might write "should of", if he/she has not yet been taught the forms and > intricacies of the English perfect tenses, nor had a lot of exposure to the > written word. Comparable to a toddler interpreting "cheese" as a plural, > and asking Mommy for "a chee".
Another one I've come across is a mother teaching the child how to use the right word for peeing, namely "urinate". The child replied "I'm a nate". - Not so much out of my tree, as driving away from the orchard at high speed. - Damon M. Lord Languages Student