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vennish 7-venIS seven

From:<Wilhelm Ulrich Schlaier> <smithv637@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 26, 2003, 22:45
if I used the english sampa for this message dont be confused im just testing
it out to see if it is ok to use.

1. Isk ekwI nu:treI
   isk ekwih nootray.
   I is hungry.
2. zA: se fInI ne nu:tI
   zar ce fihnih ne nootih.
   (?) you cook (,) food. ne Isk fInI nu:tI ne fI@r Isk
   et ne isk fihnih nootih ne feer isk.
   yes (,) i cook food (,) for i.
4.dZtSO: ne Isk fInI fI@r sIsk.
   jchaw ne isk fihnih feer sisk.
   okay (,) i cook for myself.

any comments or questions would be very welcome.

p.s. In the original version of vennish the sound /sh/ was tacked on to the
last word to show the end of a sentence. Should I put this back into use?
please tell me what you think.