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Re: Daily translation - 9/21/2000

From:Matt McLauchlin <matt_mcl@...>
Date:Friday, September 22, 2000, 7:47
>> English: Appearances are deceptive
T'ðamau appetat'lidagar. t ðami au ap petat lid agar NomInf seem NomPl opposite be honest tend 3dPlPrIndef Note that there are two words for truth: petat and saiïri. Petat refers to a truth we can know: an honest retelling of events as we understood them to have taken place; as in "he told the truth". Its opposite, appetat, means "untrue" only in the sense of "dishonest", not in the sense of "counterfactual". Saiïri refers to the ultimate unattainable understanding of the universe that we can never fully grasp but that we are forever striving towards. If you claimed that what you had to say was saiïri, you would be derided as a "blact". Blact literally means prophet, and specifically those prophets whose doctrines and religions came to power in the Shrislia's old homeland, and which eventually led to the Shrislia's flight. Figuratively, it means an arrogant, conceited blowhard who claims to know Truth and lords it over people; in other words, the opposite of Socrates being told he is the wisest man in Greece and realizing he knows nothing.