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Date:Wednesday, January 20, 1999, 14:08
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 any student has to learn -
 to expose plainly itself
 to the plain word of the other without translation.

 this evokes in the image of a striving for intimacy with the other.

 a striving to gain intimacy via finding a common language to describe a
 shared experience. no - finding a common language in order to +create+ a
 shared experience.

 this is >exactly< the contrary of what is meant en fact:
 there is +no+ shared experience.
 the one-ly shared experience is the situation of a place [i.e. a time]
 there is a finding of a common language
 through a sharing of experience and vice versa +?

 certainly +not+. there no vice-versa. the vice-versa is
 diachronic: the common langauge is a mirage.

 with an incomprehensible written text the uncomprehending reader is stuck
 blocked from insight.

 this is exactly it. and exactly the way humans >do< operate:
 +NOT+ to understand.
 i am responsible of >my< words: but stand-under the `significant`.

 the method by which to become unstuck is to discuss the text with
 one life form which does not feel abs stuck by it so that there can be a
 experience of finding a common language among reader1-text-reader2.

 this is theoretical work in a fine art way: literature i.e. or a linguistic
 approach in a laboratory shared in a team of researchers.
 the transference of unconscious desire
 between two persons expressed by the speech of one of the two.

 - a quote  from sigmund koch:

 language is at best a feeble instrument
 even among members of a highly
 trained language community having quite limited problematic interests.
 physicists in one empirical area do not necessarily fully understand
 physicists in another.
 within each scientific area even when granulated
 rather finely there may be distinguished disorderly hierarchies of language
 in the extreme case there may be definite and unique
 observable properties and relations which only two men perhaps working in
 the same laboratory may be able to perceive and denote by some linguistic
 moreover it should be stressed that the stratification of
 language communities within a science may reflect variations in the
 sensitivity of observers just as much as differential foci of training

 - end a quote  from sigmund koch:

 this side of language is the +PERFORMING+ side.
 it is >vital< for social efficiency
 physic . economic . politik  means for the >survival< of every life form.
 the practice of science uses it extensively.
 it is highly respectable so.
 the unconscious discourse of desire the lack of the 'significant'
 or the myth of the agalma object pin [the -at least- 3 structures]
 are matters of the language +OUT+ of the performing space.
 it is the +TRANSFERANTIAL+ side of human language.

 the point is: if one decides [an ethical decision] to apply the
 understanding way to transference one fails always .
 because the paradoxical nature of the unconscious is to be +NOT+ understood.
 here and now.
 it is why the technique of zen or the one of humor or surprise or silence
 - the unconscious is not intelligent - but its
 only goal is: not to be understood.
 2 add: it is as a part of the human being >legitimate<.

 in this way the concept of gaining entry into a text is parallel to that
 of subscribing to a fantasy.


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