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Date:Wednesday, January 20, 1999, 14:08
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>I'm sorry that this has come to this, and the tone of this message >might not be all that gentle; we just need to end this battle now.
however enervating - the emotional and time investment required to address the `underlying issues` is well worth the effort. [to not address the `underlying issues` is a failure. a failure which fails to address the cause - it obfuscates the problem thereby exacerbating the situation. it establishes the required environment for its survival. it legitimizes the initial claim and aligns with it in spirit by opposing it via superficial "Y/N" means. in essence a failure to address the `underlying issues` advocates - this war is meant to be continued... we delude ourselves]
> Should antiorp be allowed to post messages to the MAX list (Y/N)? > A vote of 'Y' means that full status shall be returned to antiorp (no > filtering). > A vote of 'N' means that antiorp will no longer be allowed to POST to the > MAX list at all (but still receive messages).
i may add - the fixation with solutions through superficial "Y/N" means is most distressing. it is an affront to life form ability to comprehend. understand. process. it glorifies simplistic. violent measures which impede progress. it is equivalent with detonating a bomb on those with whom we disagree. it is desirable to question the efficacy of such actions and their long term effects. we have at our disposal an organ with approx 50 billion neurons with a million billion synapses and with an overall firing rate of approx 10 million billion times per second. do we feel so overwhelmed by the sensory information impinging upon our brains that we find it necessary to relegate these decisions to a "Y/N" program which does not posses even the hundred thousandth mental capacity of a house fly +? [house fly = methaphor] . | zve!t3[z]!ztem - - part 0+3 - dze b!t revolut!on. 0+1 elokuent oppoz!t!on 2 dze max forum lo.tekk `democracy` - \ [ d!sz !zt d!g!tl terra!n ] - - - - one silenced is one off-ed /] - - - [ everything has been said provided words do not change their meaning and meanings their words ] 1 2 3 4 5 6 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 each universe is constructed of 2 universes. may notice 1 = splits into 1 and 2 2 = splits into 3 and 4 3 = splits into 5 and 6 4 = splits into 7 and 8 n = splits into 2n-1 and 2n. one may continue splitting any given universe indefinitely thus obtaining one infinite number of components in any bit of matter [hallo dudas@CNMAT.BERKELEY.EDU] freedom is gained from the fact that not any size scale is intrinsically more basik or important or complex than any other size scale. one often is pressured into feeling that the concerns of the majority are more significant than one's own immediate personal concerns. this is based on the fallacious assumption that select sizes are in one absolute sense larger than others. it is this assumption which the circular scale undermines. hence | l!beratd l!fe energ!e | komradluvrzozc!lfreel! THE maxforum `democracy` is not in a position to - at each operation. at each transaction. at each moment. keep under surveillance inspect spy upon boss regulate pen in register evaluate appraise censure order about mark down record inventory price stamp measure number assess license authorize sanction endorse reprimand obstruct reform rebuke chastise requisition drill fleece exploit monopolize extort squeeze hoax rob any other life form then - at the slightest resistance. the first word of complaint. squelch correct vilify bully hound torment bludgeon strangle judge condemn deport sacrifice sell any other life form and to top it off ridicule make a fool of outrage dishonor any other life form - - - THE maxforum `democracy` has neither the right nor the knowledge nor the virtue to do so. THE maxforum `democracy`s logic is null [please consult public library] THE maxforum `democracy`s morality is nonsense THE maxforum `democracy`s justice is injustice THE maxforum `democracy`s `democratic` is an affront one life form is as important as a galaxy one life form is as important as an atom hence | l!beratd l!fe energ!e | oscillate freely . oscillate softly. oscillate frantically. [suggestion] ] | p e r m i t . o n e . p e r m i t . a l e f . o n e . ] - - jetzt - part _ deux - | zve!t3[z]!ztem - - part 0+3 dze b!t revolut!on. 0+1 elokuent oppoz!t!on 2 dze maxforum lo.tekk `democracy` - \ \ continued in part 0+4 - epilogue